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Global Trade Management (GTM)

Amaacon Global Trade Consultants are focused on delivering the best solution for your company and we strive to meet your goals and objectives.

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Export Compliance and Consulting

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will assit your organisation to gain instant export compliance know-how with on-demand experts.

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Import Compliance and Consulting

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting cdan help your organisation to Discover valuable duty/tax savings opportunities and build a foundation..

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Export & Import Financing

Amaacon Global Consulting is in the business of linking foreign buyers with UK & EUROPEAN suppliers and assisting in the export financing of UK & EUROPEAN suppliers.

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Global Marketing Strategy

We will help you develop a global international strategy that places key business activities wherever the lowest cost provides the best performance.

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Supply Chain Services

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting works with clients to create strategic and tactical links between supply chain management and financial.

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Goods Quality Inspection

As a buyer, Why you need goods quality inspection ? Goods Quality Inspection can help you to see if  all your requirements, specifications ..

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Digital Marketing Services

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting is a leading International Marketing Consulting Company that also offers quality SEO Services..

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Global Trade Management (GTM) Automation Strategy and Implementation

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting has an established track record in the design, development, implementation of Global Trade Management (GTM) business solutions. We are focused on delivering the best solution for your company and we strive to meet your goals and objectives. Now that you have chosen a solution, let Amaacon Global Trade Consulting assist you in a seamless transition from your current systems and processes to a streamlined solution.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting uses a proven implementation methodology that focuses on providing your company value from process re-engineering all the way through deployment.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting can assist you with project definition and strategy development :

All successful project implementations depend on thorough business process analysis and requirements definition. With Amaacon Global Trade Consulting, the first step requires a clear understanding of your business and what you expect to happen not only from the project but from a holistic view that spans from your company culture to the company’s bottom line. This phase begins with discovery and then develops into strategy so that we focus on building the best solution for your company and its employees.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will ensure that a clear plan is in place that defines the following aspects of the implementation :

  • Establish goals, objectives, and measures of success.

  • Develop project timelines and project plan.

  • Identify roles and responsibilities of the implementation team members.

  • Conduct a gap analysis.

  • Develop business requirements.

  • Create detailed business process flows and system maps.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will assist with system design and configuration :

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting brings the experience to assess a company’s organization and process flows. We look for opportunities to consolidate and streamline procedures that are no longer efficient. After the definition phase, we follow your global trade strategy as a foundation and begin to build the system implementation.

In the Design / Configuration phase, Amaacon Global Trade Consulting creates the system configuration specifications and process maps. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting has many years of project integration experience working with data migration and integration tools as well as various standards such as EDI, XML, ABI, and flat file formats.

The key to this phase is to not overcomplicate the implementation but to provide your company with creative solutions and a proof of concept.

This phase includes the following implementation components :

  • Develop database model and conversion plan.

  • Create data migration plan.

  • Develop test scenarios.

  • Create document and report requirements.

  • Establish a training and education plan.

  • Expand and/or customize user manuals and support plans.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will assist with Implementation:

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting provides an implementation plan that results in the least disruption and highest value to your company. The migration of data from one or more legacy systems into the new database is an integral part of every implementation project. Whether straight-forward or complex, Amaacon Global Trade Consulting is prepared to work with your technical personnel to develop a solid strategy for converting your data for use with the new system. In this phase, we will begin testing the system with test scripts based on your daily operations and historical data. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting feels it’s imperative that key employees be involved with the testing process.

By giving these ‘super users’ ownership in the process, company training and deployment will roll out smoothly.

This phase involves the following critical areas :

  • Configure system.

  • Complete data migration.

  • Conduct unit testing and end to end testing.

  • Provide troubleshooting support.

  • Conduct employee training.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will assist with Deployment :

 Amaacon Global Trade Consulting uses a phased approach to deploying any new project platform to mitigate deployment risks of a potential shut down of your business if something goes wrong. To ensure a seamless transition from your legacy system(s) to your new Global Trade Management solution, employees will receive full support and dedicated resources during the deployment. It is imperative that each group is running smoothly with the new application before moving to the next phase of deployment. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting strategy is to deploy the system with a risk based methodology beginning with low volume or low risk areas of your business. The final step is to compare the results against key measures of success to ensure you are receiving maximum benefits from the solution.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting will assist with maintenance and/or support :

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting provides an optional service assisting in the support of your Global Trade Management solution on an ongoing basis through on-going training, day-to-day operations and additional implementation phases.

New project enhancements and features will require a minimal but mandatory amount of effort to integrate. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting can act as a cross functional team for your company and quickly determine which employees, processes and customers will be impacted by a new feature in the project.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting is available to assist you with your entire GTM implementation, to partner with your system’s integrator and/or internal IT team or handle whatever pieces you need assistance with. You may be just starting out, and need assistance in implementing a new GTM solution from the ground up, or you may already have a GTM solution which needs to be maintained or upgraded. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting is available on a project basis or on-demand to meet your needs and budget.

Export Compliance & Consulting

Trade Compliance with Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) & ECCN Classification

With increasing export enforcement actions by regulatory agencies, is your company prepared to withstand scrutiny of your export operations?

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting works with you to develop your export management and compliance program(EMCP).The EMCP is tailored specifically for your company and aligns corporate, administrative, and operational policies with relevant export regulations.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting helps companies establish a scalable trade compliance foundation that accommodates corporate growth and globalization.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting evaluates corporate profiles and creates customized trade compliance policies and operational procedures that optimize operations, minimize risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting provides expertise in the following trade compliance areas :

  • Determination of ITAR, BIS and local jurisdictional export controls for your hardware, software and technology including Commodity Jurisdiction requests, self-classification for ITAR and BIS controls, the creation of a BIS Simplified Network Application Process (SNAP) account for U.S., EEC and Other Countries Classification requests, encryption reviews and license applications and obtaining BIS Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) numbers for your products.

  • Preparation of encryption review request letter for submission to BIS.

  • Preparation of ECCN classification, licensing and other local licenses such as Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department Strategic Commodities assessment, and licensing, compliance with Malaysia Strategic Goods Act, EU Transit and Brokering Controls, etc.

  • Export Commodity Classification Number (ECCN) determinations.

  • License requirements/exceptions determination.

  • Export Product Matrix development.

  • Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) development that includes the following trade controls :

    • Internal Controls

    • Selection and integration of a Global Trade Management System

    • ECCN Classification

    • License Determination

    • License Applications/Reviews

    • Encryption Licensing Agreements

    • Export Controlled Information/Technology Transfers/Deemed Exports

    • Re-export Requirements

    • Export transaction screening

    • Deemed export controls

    • Self-assessments

    • Recordkeeping requirements

Import Compliance & Consulting

While the laws of importing countries are varied and difficult to navigate, one thing is clear: Customs authorities expect importers to understand and comply with the regulations of the importing country. What is unique to customs compliance is that its responsibilities are not limited to personnel in the shipping or procurement departments of a company.Instead, customs compliance is the responsibility of an entire corporation impacting everyone from Finance, Sales, Logistics, Research and Development, Shipping, Manufacturing, Legal, and leadership of every Headquarters and Business Unit division.Unfortunately, many companies see compliance with international trade laws and regulations as an insurmountable task laden with risk and pitfalls.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting unravels the complexities of international trade and expertly analyzes your business model and swiftly and efficiently helps companies optimize operations and strategies while exceeding compliance goals.

Customs Classification :

Customs classification is used by an importing country to determine admissibility, calculate duty and tax exposure, and determine eligibility for special trade programs. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting helps companies classify their merchandise correctly and minimize exposure.

Country of Origin :

Country of origin is a customs requirement, a consumer protection requirement, as well as one of the determining factors in eligibility for preferential trade programs. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting expertly analyzes manufacturing processes and applicable rules of origin to determine preferential and non-preferential country of origin

Valuation :

Customs value is used to calculate duty, taxes, fees, as well as for trade statistics in the importing country. However, the misalignment of customs regulations and tax regulations often results in an unwelcome audit by authorities in the importing country. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting helps bridge the gap between disparate regulations and ensures that a proper customs value is declared for imported goods.

Preferential Trade Programs :

Preferential trade programs are bilateral and multi-lateral agreements signed between countries to permit goods to enter duty free or at a reduced rate. While these programs appear to favorably impact the bottom line of a company, they are often a compliance pitfall. Amaacon Global Trade Consulting assists companies in identifying which programs are beneficial to a company, determining when it is beneficial to take advantage of these programs, qualifying products under preferential trade agreements, and administering a compliant preferential trade program.

Compliance Management :

Business needs dictate the structure of trade compliance departments. Some compliance departments are centralized in a headquarters function, others decentralized across many functions. Your company may not even have a compliance department. How would your company respond to an audit? Amaacon Global Trade Consulting identifies risk areas and works with the structure and requirements of your company to prepare and respond to audit inquiries, streamline operations, develop policies, procedures, training, and implement internal controls programs to mitigate risk areas and ensure the highest level of reasonable care.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting assists companies in the following areas :

  • Development of a Product Matrix for your products.

  • Determination of appropriate Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) classifications.

  • Identification of other government agency requirements for your products.

  • Determination of the import license requirements for each item in the countries in which you operate.

  • Country of origin determinations.

  • Develop an Import Compliance Program, including:

    • Customized policies and procedures

    • Create and deliver import compliance training

    • Establish valuation methodologies

    • Develop broker Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    • Define recordkeeping requirements

    • Audit customs declarations

    • Establish valuation methodology

    • Establish processes for items subject to antidumping and countervailing duties

    • Determine Preferential Trade Agreement eligibility and manage certification

    • Development and tender of protests, administrative ruling requests, and post-entry amendments

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting. will provide a detailed report of the results which will include :

  1. ​A complete summary of the steps taken during the assessment process
  2. Areas of compliance weaknesses as well as strengths
  3. Detailed recommendations for improvements in those areas found to be deficient in compliance with CBP regulations
  4. Specific recommendations on improvements and as to how they may be implemented by the client.
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Export & Import Finance

Amaacon Global Consulting – Import & Export Financing Options

Choosing the right import & export financing arrangement and the right terms can mean the difference between profit and loss on each transaction. Amaacon Global Export Import Consulting Services assists UK & EUROPEAN exporters and their foreign importers with a range of trade export financing services.

UK & EUROPEAN Exporter Financing Services
Foreign Importer Financing Services

Amaacon Global Consulting is in the business of linking foreign buyers with UK & EUROPEAN suppliers and assisting in the export financing of UK & EUROPEAN suppliers, and their corresponding importers in foreign countries, with guaranteed insurance for the lenders and working capital for the exporters through our network of Export-Import Bank, UK & EUROPEAN Commercial Banks and BCCI. A brief breakdown on the types of export financing and foreign importer financing is listed below. If you are not sure if export financing is right for you, please call or email UK today.

Why UK Export Financing?

  • Expansion- Assists your business in increasing its market share with limited risk.

  • Simplicity- Fast turnaround time & less paperwork. With Export financing there usually is no importer underwriting.

  • Increase Sales- Export Financing allows flexible credit terms to international buyers which can increase your export sales. Export Financing can be arranged for up to 65% with a

  • promissory note from the Importer – or 98% with a Letter of Credit. This can provide you with sufficient financial strength to sell larger orders than you normally would.

  • Options- Allows a funding option for companies which may not qualify for traditional financial backing of its foreign receivables. Exporting financing may be on an OPEN Invoice (with 65% coverage) for your international buyers – allowing your customers to increase their purchasing power with only a promissory note.

UK & EUROPEAN Exporter Financing Services

  • Pre-Export Working Capital Loan Program can be Used for the purchase of services, labour and materials to fulfil an export sales purchase order/invoice.

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring assists UK & EUROPEAN exporters with immediate cash against the value of a company’s foreign accounts receivable.

  • Purchase Order Financing for UK & EUROPEAN Exporters is a short-term solution to finance the purchase or manufacture of goods that have been presold to a creditworthy   international buyers

  • Forfeit Financing is an effective, low risk, non-recourse export financing solution for medium and long-term export sales.

  • Term Finance for International Buyers provides medium-term loans directly to International buyers of UK & EUROPEAN-sourced goods. UK & EUROPEAN Supplier Credit Financing assists with non-recourse, medium-term export financing for UK & EUROPEAN exporters of UK & EUROPEAN sourced goods and services.

Foreign Importer Financing Services via ECGD

Medium- and Long-Term Financing

(ECGD will support up to 85% of the contract amount (depending upon UK & EUROPEAN content) after a cash payment of at least 15%)

Benefits :

Amaacon Global Export Import Consulting can help international buyers to obtain financing from commercial lenders for the purchases of UK & EUROPEAN capital goods and services.

  • Floating interest rate negotiated between international buyer, with Amaacon Global Export Import Consulting assistance, and the lender.

  • Local costs and eligible project costs, such as ancillary services (e.g. financial, legal and technical consulting fees) may be financed.

  • Loans may be denominated in UK & EUROPEAN dollars or in select foreign currencies.

Loan Guarantees

ECGD loan guarantee covers 100% of loan principal and accrued interest and is available for medium-term (up to five years) and long-term (over seven years) repayment, which is usually determined by transaction size. The interest rate charged is usually a floating rate, negotiated between the international buyer, with Amaacon Global Export Import Consulting assistance, and the lender.


ECGD also offers medium-term insurance with similar eligibility requirements. Amaacon Global Consulting can handle paperwork and assist your company meet ECGD requirements.

Direct Loans :

In some cases, ECGD will extend a direct loan to an international buyer. The down payment requirements are the same as those for the loan guarantee, but direct loans have a fixed interest rate, based on the UK & EUROPEAN. Treasury rate.Joint Venture and Project Financing.

ECGD also offers guarantees and direct loans to finance the foreign construction and operation of projects thru structured finance transactions, including limited recourse project finance in which project cash flows are used for repayment of the export financing.

Benefits :
  • Financing available for purchases of UK & EUROPEAN capital goods and services for international projects, including projects in countries where ECGD is not open for routine transactions

  • Long-term financing is available on terms up to 14 years

  • Interest during construction, local costs and ancillary services (e.g., financial, legal, building, labour or technical consultation fees) may be financed


ECGD’s medium- and long-term financing products can assist UK & EUROPEAN manufacturers in selling transportation equipment to international buyers. ECGD will support the export of both new and used UK & EUROPEAN manufactured transportation equipment such as commercial jet aircraft and engines, general aviation equipment, locomotives and other rolling stock, ships, and trucks. Special financing structures such as asset-based finance leases are available for certain exports.

  • Export Financing available for purchases of UK & EUROPEAN transportation equipment, including in countries where ECGD is not opened for routine transaction.

  • Long-term financing is available on terms up to 14 years

Short-Term Financing

In addition to medium-term insurance, ECGD also provides UK & EUROPEAN exporters and lenders with a variety of short-term (generally up to 180 days) Export Credit Insurance policies.

Short-term insurance is generally used for transactions involving consumer goods, agricultural products, spare parts and raw materials. Medium-term insurance is generally used for capital goods and services. Amaacon Global Export Import Consulting can assist the exporter or lender to submit the applications.

Benefits :
  •  Enables UK & EUROPEAN exporters and lenders to extend credit terms to international buyers with minimal risk

  • Often more cost effective than bank financing or letters of credit

Special Initiatives

Co-Financing: ECGD works closely with foreign export credit counterparts to establish co-financing arrangements. Under this structure, ECGD guarantees the UK & EUROPEAN portion of a transaction, while the foreign export credit agency supports its respective portion.

Benefits :
  • Single, streamlined financing product

  • Greater coverage with a simplified process

  • Sub-Sovereign: ECGD’s sub-sovereign initiative allows a local or regional government to serve as a borrower or guarantor for the purchase of UK & EUROPEAN. goods and services. Eligible sub-sovereign entities mUKt be rated by an internationally recognized credit rating organization and meet ECGD’s credit criteria.

Benefits :
  • Reduces need for sovereign guarantees in developing markets

  • Enables sub-sovereign public sector buyers to access medium- and long-term financing for purchases of UK & EUROPEAN goods and services

Some Alternative Financing Options :

  1. Purchase Order Financing
  2. Pre-Export Financing
  3. Guaranteeing Term Financing
  4. Export Credit Insurance
  5. Invoice Factoring
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Global Marketing Strategy

We will help you develop a global strategy that places key business activities wherever the lowest cost provides the best performance

Markets and marketing are becoming ever more international in their nature and managers around the world ignore this fact at their peril.

To achieve sustainable growth in markets that are becoming increasingly global, or merely to survive in domestic markets that are increasingly attacked by international players, it is essential that organisations understand the complexity and

Some of the Key Questions we will help you resolve

  1. Should I export? Is now the right time?
  2. Should I lease my technology abroad?
  3. Can I manage a foreign operation?
  4. Will exchange rates eat my profits?
  5. Should I seek an alliance?
  6. What must change about my product?
  7. What must change about my operations?
  8. Are my customers global?
  9. Government intervention? or support?
  10. hould I manufacture abroad? Where?
  11. What stays here? What goes there?
  12. Is a global focus too broad?

Amaacon Global Consultants will help to analyzes legal, cultural, political, ethical, financial, and logistical factors for your enterprise and your competitors to pursue a global strategy.

International Markets

Step through a structured process that evaluates the benefits and identifies the risks of entering a target foreign market.

Global Competitors

Check up on your ability to compete in the international market by comparing your capacity, experience, resources and credibility with other global enterprises.

Global Production

Each foreign market presents the options to export, to license, to form a strategic alliance, or to directly invest in foreign operations. Global Insight helps you assess your options in each market.

Global Priorities

All countries are potential targets, but they are not equal opportunities. Global Insight evaluates the priority of each country based upon the feasibility of market entry and capacity to compete there.

Report your Analysis

Generate a polished report including charts and tables that justify your entry into each international market.

Integrated Global Strategy

Amaacon Global Consultants helps you develop a global strategy that places key business activities wherever the lowest cost provides the best performance.

Supply Chain Strategy

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting works with clients to create strategic and tactical links between supply chain management and financial performance. With an emphasis on value creation and the development of strategies that are both operationally feasible and capable of being measured, the Trade Facilitators team employs proven methodologies that focus on :

  • Historical analysis

  • Strategy formulation

  • Supply chain integration

  • Technology deployment

  • Financial metrics

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Risk management

Continuous Supply Chain Improvement

Sustained competitive advantage is only possible through the evolution of supply chain strategies, policies, tactics and measurements. Guided by this maxim of global business, Trade Facilitators serves as a catalyst for process improvement by uniting years of multi-industry experience with the tenets of Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and Lean Thinking. Practices inherent to the development and execution of all projects are:

  • Current State Analysis

  • Review of existing metrics

  • Process variation

  • Supply chain velocity

  • Process design
  • Financial & operational metrics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management

Supply Chain Security & C-TPAT Certification

Trade Facilitators combines Best Practices with industry-specific standards to assist global companies in establishing supply chain processes that are both secure and friendly to the environment. Whether you’re implementing anti-theft measures or are applying for C-TPAT Certification all Amaacon Global Trade Consulting security engagements emphasize:

  • Security Audits

  • Current State Analysis

  • Risk identification

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Integrated security planning
  • Cost Benefit/Analysis

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting offers a variety of services associated with the C-TPAT application, validation and certification process.  These services range from introductory C-TPAT Awareness Training to a Turn-Key Certification Process.  Based on the goals and resources of the client Trade Facilitators can design a tailored program that delivers on commitments while complying with budgetary requirements.

Services include :
  •  Creation of the C-TPAT Policy Statement

  •  C-TPAT Awareness Training

  • C-TPAT Communication Plan

  • Preparation of Application & Supply Chain Security Profile

  • Current State & Gap Analysis

  • Security Enhancement Planning

  • Supplier Compliance Software

  • The Validation Visit

  • Procedures Manual for Certification Maintenance

International Freight Audits & 3PL Bid Managemen

Depending on a company’s global business model, transportation, logistics and related expenses can represent between 9-18% of total sales. That means that for every revenue dollar earned, an average of thirteen cents is consumed by shipping costs. Whether you’re an importer or exporter, Trade Facilitators can help you negotiate the best shipping deals possible and make sure that you are charged what was negotiated.

With over twenty two years of direct experience working in the Third Party Logistics field, Amaacon Global Trade Consulting has managed hundreds of bids and audit programs for services that include international air and ocean freight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, and domestic transportation. Put Trade Facilitators ? experience to work and optimize the return that you see in both service and cost from your logistics service providers.

Amaacon Global Trade Consulting comprehensive approach to freight audits and bid management is characterized by :

Freight Audits
  • Deep dive of existing contracts

  • Analysis of current rate structures

  • Benchmarking by mode of transport

  • Audit of 3PL invoices

  • Freight payment service

  • Monthly recovery report

Bid Management
  • Current state analysis

  • Pareto Analysis of lane pairs

  • Request For Information preparation

  • Request For Quotation preparation

  • 3PL bid review and negotiations

  • Operational implementation

Third Party Logistics Acquisitions

With dozens of engagements under its belt, Amaacon Global Trade Consulting provides invaluable insights to sellers, acquiring companies and equity firms on how to best determine the functionality, fit and finances of acquisitions in the Third Party Logistics arena.

Areas of Analysis Include :
  • Corporate culture
  • Customer value
  • Supplier relations
  • Global network analysis
  • Financial forensics
  • Systems capabilities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration planning

Goods Quality Inspections


As a buyer, Why you need goods quality inspection ?
Goods Quality Inspection can help you to see if  all your requirements, specifications and criteria are being taken into account and implemented properly by your supplier. Ensure you will get what you order.  Find out the defective products before shipment. Help you avoid suffering big lose.

The goods quality inspection is usually performed according to international quality control standards such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, AQL standards, ISO 2859-1, we also can perform goods quality inspection  as per your instruction and criteria.

What do we inspect during and goods quality inspection?
  • The quantity produced (semi finished, finished and packed)

  • The visual appearance (workmanship of the mass production)

  • The product specifications (size, dimensions ,colors ect)

  • The labeling and marking

  • The packing and packaging

  • All possible functions and possible tests (safety, abuse, printing etc)

Following is a list of our goods quality inspection services.

Pre Production Inspection

Before production ,We will inspect the golden samples, machinery and materials to be used for your order before the real  mass production and talk to related people to ensure your requirements and specifications are well understood and will be implemented properly.

First Article Inspection

We will inspect first product manufactured and materials to be used for your order when less than 20% of the products are finished, allowing to put in place corrective actions as early as possible.

During Production Inspection

During the mass production, when 20 to 50% of the products are finished

Pre Shipment Inspection

Usually when at least 80% or 100% of the products are finished. An quality Inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications. A must for all buyers.this is the last step you can find out and stop defective goods from shipping to you.

Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection will take place right before your supplier is supposed to load the goods into shipping container and also during the whole loading process. it can ensure all goods is properly packaged and loaded into your appointed shipping you can receive the correct products and correct quantity and good packaging.

You should choose the quality inspection based on your actual needs.  the most popular inspections are the During Production inspection , Pre-shipment Inspection  and the Container Loading Inspection. We can help you determine what inspection service you may need depending on your exact situation.

Inspection Standard

We use the well-known and widely adopted international standard MIL-STD- 105E, which is equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859, NF06-022, BS6001, DIN40080, GB2828, to inspect a randomly selected number of products from your order. As illustrated below :

Table A

Sample Size Code Letters

Table B

Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection

As default, We use general inspection level II, Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 0/2.5/4.0 of critical, major, minor defect.

For example, You have a lot of 4,000 units to inspect. According to table 1, “L” is right sample size code for general inspection level II. Therefore in table 2, we pick “200” as L’s corresponding sample size. So the allowed maximum number of defective unit is as follows:Critical Defect 0; Major Defect 10; Minor Defect: 14.

In other words, if the number of critical defective units is more than 0, or major defective units is more than 10, or minor defective units is more than 14, the whole lot has to be rejected. It is up to you to make your own decision based on the information and recommendations we have provided to you

Defect Classification

Critical Defect

The “Critical Defect” corresponds to a defect likely to result in unsafe conditions for end-users or specifically requested by customers.

Major Defect

The “Major Defect” corresponds to a defect at the function, or to reduce the usability of the unit of product for its intended purpose.

Minor Defect

 The “Minor Defect” corresponds to a defect that is not likely to reduce the usability of the unit of product for its intended purpose, or is a departure from established standards having little bearing on the effective use or operation of the unit.



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